Deliberate Networking; To “mingle” or Not to mingle, that is the question.

  • a local MP trying to get re-elected and maybe to play politics to join the cabinet might be rather different from
  • the perspective of a Tech entrepreneur who is trying to survive (vs his friend who is already running a ‘Unicorn’ who is trying to play major VCs against Bezos & Sergey through private dinners).
  1. if you put Tim Berners-Lee in middle of local tribe chiefs of Africa, Tim might be “fish out of water” (do not tell me he frequent Africa since birth!),
  2. although Lady Gaga might be the same (there is, however, a chance some might be fans of her & recognise her in the right guise?)

Lifecycle of networking (for the long term)

1.) Time horizon of Networking (Point Of View & Nurture)



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Gareth Wong

Gareth Wong

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